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N A R R A T I V E  F E A T U R E S

When Laura Christian reunites with her daughter Amber after putting her up for adoption 16 years earlier, the two form a fast bond. But when Amber is killed in a car accident just one year later, Laura uncovers a massive cover-up by General Motors that led to hundreds of deaths - including Amber's - and vows to take on the corporation.


Producer: Shaun O'Banion

Executive Producer: Laura Christian

Status: Script.


The story of the dashing Bentley Boys, a group of WWI flyers who took up the sport of motor-racing in 1920s London. 


Producers: Shannon Mullen, Shaun O'Banion (via Broad Reach Films)

Status: Active Development.

The students of the country's first school for black girls risk their lives to keep school open after their teacher is arrested for breaking Connecticut's Black Law - thirty years before the Civil War.


Producers: Shannon Mullen, Shaun O'Banion (via Broad Reach Films).

Status: Treatment.


THE JOURNEY follows 63 year-old widower Martin Coughlin who, in his grief, decides to abandon his home and the memories of his wife by taking a trip.


He takes the first flight from L.A. to London where he soon meets a group of young backpackers, including a young Spanish girl named Katrina, who has also run away from problems at home. She and her friends decide to take Martin with them on their adventure through Europe.


Along the way, they'll learn that sometimes... the most important journey... is the journey home.


Producer/Director: Shaun O'Banion


Status: Script.

Germany, 1947. While preparing evidence for the  ongoing trials at Nuremberg, War Crimes investigators uncover documents noting the movements and actions of four SS kill-squads known as Einsatzgruppen. These reports detail the murder of over 1 million men, women and children.


The evidence is handed to a young Harvard graduate named Benjamin Ferencz who must convince General Telford Taylor, Chief of Counsel, to allow another unscheduled trial.  With no funding left, Ferencz is told he can move forward provided he not pull resources from any of the existing trials and under the condition that he must serve as Chief Prosecutor while maintaining his duties as an investigator.

Benjamin Ferencz was 27 years-old. The Einsatzgruppen trial was his first case.


This is the untold story of the biggest murder trial in history - A trial that ended with the conviction of 6 high-ranking Nazi Generals and another16 officers.

Producers: Shaun O'Banion, Shannon Mullen



When a sixteen year-old Yup'ik girl is found dead in a small town in Alaska where all of the residents live in a single building, FBI Agent Erica Quinn (mid-30s) is sent to investigate.


Suffering PTSD and physical trauma from a brutal confrontation with a suspect during her previous case, she has taken to drowning her condition in alcohol and prescription pills.  

She arrives in the fictional town of Qanittaq, Alaska Erica a total fish out of water. As an outsider, she’s paired with a local Yup'ik officer twice her age: Steven Amaruq ("Grey Wolf" in Inupiaq) Lowery (50s) is a veteran officer who left the big city to get away from this kind of crime. Since joining the three-person police department, he’s been subject to abject racism and abuse from his co-workers despite being the smartest officer in the town and he's not too pleased to be teamed up with a partner who seems to have issues that could affect his case.


Together the pair must find a way to work together to uncover a killer they will come to believe is still living in a building where everyone is a suspect.


The series will explore a rarely seen setting in the United States, a place where many of the residents have gone to disappear, avoid the law, or escape past trauma.  It will also deal with issues of race and class while addressing the opioid epidemic (through both Erica’s addiction and also that of some members of the community) - all wrapped around the murder of a child in a setting where nearly everyone is armed and there is only one way in or out of town... the longest highway tunnel in North America.


Producers/Co-Creators: Shaun O'Banion - Scott Kirkley

Producer: Kavelina Torres


Status: Active Development.



Based on the insane true story of three roguish brothers with addiction issues from Silicon Valley who go from dealing illicit drugs and dodging police to dumpster diving when a chance encounter with a junkie reveals millions of dollars in Microsoft product sitting, unguarded, in industrial recycling bins only blocks away.


By "liberating" and trading in the stolen Microsoft product through a local electronics dealer (who simply put the product on his shelves), the brothers soon find themselves flush with cash and drawing the attention of Federal agents. 

Producers/Co-Creators: Scott Kirkley - Shaun O'Banion

Status: Active Development.

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